We Are Your Affiliate in E-Commerce

We know how to master the profound impact of E-commerce on design and distribution. Grow your sales by catering to your customers. Allow us to focus on building a compelling unboxing experience. Sustainable, innovative and captivating. The concepts we develop guarantee compliance with guidelines. We provide protection for your product. All the way to its destination.

We Produce in a Resource-conserving Way

In the production of our corrugated cardboard, we depend on the long-term availability of paper, water and energy. Our production processes are therefore aligned to protect these strategic resources whilst minimising our ecological footprint. We reduce our consumption through efficient water and energy management in our plants. And through FSC® certification, we document responsible purchasing. To make our products, we use wastepaper or paper from sustainable forestry.

Sustainability & Optimization
Within Requirements

Innovative Packaging, Brand Visibility
& Unboxing Experience

Design Facilitating Returns,
Tracking & Logistical Implementation

Frustration Free Packaging:

Sustainable Packaging Solutions Ready to Ship With Amazon

The demand for sustainable shipping solutions that comply with Amazon’s packaging guidelines continues to grow. Explore how we create the best innovative solution, rising to individual challenges.

Transporting Delicate Items Safely:

The Innovative Packaging of Organic Plants for Kräuterfeld.de

E-commerce is increasingly expanding into product branches that previously had difficulties shipping their goods securely. Discover how Kräuterfeld is tapping into the online market.

Creating Ergonomic Packaging:

A Bicycle Box for Cowboy E-Bikes That Unites Sustainability and Innovation

Explore a vision for packaging that highlights the qualities of its contents. The outcome is a sustainable solution that allows E-bikes to arrive at their destination in one piece.

High Quality Digital Printing:

Building a Unique Packaging Solution for Fashion Start-Up Suitcase

Not just style can be tailored to fit individual preferences. Our E-commerce return packaging creates a memorable unboxing experience tailor-made to suit customers.