Striking & Flexible:

High Quality Digital Printing

Creating a recognition value and impressive unboxing experiences are a vital part in mastering the art of e-commerce packaging. When it comes to creating creative and innovative solutions, one of the most powerful ways to achieve these goals is digital print on corrugated board. Digital printing gives your cardboard packaging a high-quality finish.

Apart from the striking appearance it is easy to realise modifications in design. Allowing flexibility in adjusting the print to achieve specific marketing objectives, depending on season or occasion.

“Create an unforgettable unboxing experience using the power of Digital Printing”

“The most climate-friendly and least expensive kilowatt hour is the one you don’t use.”

Case VPK Packaging Group, Belgium:

Building a Unique Packaging Solution for Fashion Start-Up Suitcase

Not everyone loves shopping in department stores. Men in particular often don’t feel like trying on clothes in cramped changing rooms. With the assistance of a personal stylist, Suitcase selects a tailored outfit, to be delivered directly to the customer’s home. That’s where the importance of packaging comes into play. In collaboration, we developed an E-commerce return packaging made from sustainable corrugated cardboard featuring an impressive unboxing experience.

We made sure this packaging leaves an impression. The special shape immediately catches the eye. It makes direct reference to the company name and captivates with memorable visuals on the outer walls. In order to create an innovative packaging solution for Suitcase, we used digital printing. On all six sides.

Building recognition value. The exterior being a big part of the unboxing experience, as the customer’s first touchpoint. In Addition, digital printing is particularly suitable for small production runs. That is because it is very quick to implement and fast to ship. Providing flexibility to start-ups and small enterprises. A perfect fit for the young company belonging to the FNG Group, a fashion company from Benelux.

In addition to its catchy look, this packaging solution offers goods the required protection against possible external damage. Thanks to the handle, it is also practical to carry and easy to reuse in the event of return. A feature extremely valuable to a business that offers personal styling advice online.

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