Employment Turnover and Benefits

In order to keep up with the times as a manufacturer of sustainable packaging, technology, market and process know-how is just as crucial as consulting and logistics expertise. However, maintaining our high-quality standards whilst simultaneously implementing new innovations and creative packaging solutions would be impossible without our qualified, experienced employees. This is why we offer them far more than “just” a salary.

Our employees benefit from a range of other advantages, such as overtime compensation, healthcare and retirement provisions. We place utmost importance on investing in the well-being of our staff. After all, this way we reduce health risks – and are rewarded by the high commitment of our workforces.

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“Successful staff loyalty not only enhances our performance, but also helps us to actively secure the future of our company.

“Successful staff loyalty not only enhances our performance, but also helps us to actively secure the future of our company.”

GRI 401

Employment turnover and benefits

New Employees Hired

Total: 1232

Employee Turnover

Total: 901

GRI 401: Employment, Turnover and Benefits

GRI 401: Employment, Turnover and Benefits

Case Klingele Papierwerke, Germany:

Working@Klingele – a Moving Experience

Nowadays, no one can deny that a sustainability strategy not only needs to include processes within an organisation, but also across the entire supply chain. However, the issue of how employees actually get to work generally still lies in the “blind spot”. Klingele, in contrast, has already been offering its staff in Remshalden and Weener (paper mill) an attractive leasing model for pedelecs or classic bicycles for four years – heralding a pioneering service at the time of its

Klingele facilitates two pedelecs per employee, meaning that partners can get active on two wheels, too. Klingele takes care of the entire administrative process and has also opted for an internal insurance policy with extremely fair and attractive conditions.

As an additional “sweetener”, Klingele provides free bicycle locks – and basic annual maintenance at the company’s expense. Klingele has now extended the offer to all sites in Germany.

This initiative aims to motivate Klingele employees to leave the car at home as often as possible. It has been met with an exceptionally positive reception, and some colleagues now cycle up to 15 kilometres to work every morning, even including early shift workers. As expected, the most popular contenders, at around 70 %, are the pedelecs. These models make even demanding routes easier. Many employees have also taken advantage of the opportunity to rent a second bike – after all, training is always more fun together. Other companies in the region have been infected by the “sporty spirit” at Klingele and now offer their workforce a similar model. Staff loyalty combined with active environmental protection and health care – when has the question as to the benefits of a measure ever been more convincingly answered?

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Klingele Takes over the Complete Administrative Handling

Extremely Competitive Cost

Internal Insurance Model with Attractive Rates

Bicycle Lock and Annual Maintenance Free of Charge

Plants Equipped with Bicycle Racks

Every Employee Can Lease Two Pedelecs/Bikes

Leasing Programme Is Offered at Each Klingele Plant

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Get in Touch with Our Team.

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