Promoting Diversity and Equal Opportunities

As a provider of comprehensive packaging solutions, our organisations are built on creativity, innovation and initiative. This is why we see diversity in our workplace as an enriching asset and support our staff from a wide range of personal and educational backgrounds to be the very best they can be.

We promote women to be leaders, flexible working hours also offer parents the opportunity to develop further. Through selected projects, people with physical and mental disabilities can also make their mark here – in turn experiencing self-affirmation and motivation.

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“Working effectively with diversity and promoting equal opportunities is an integral part of our work.“

“Working effectively with diversity and promoting equal opportunities is an integral part of our work.“

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GRI 405: Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Case Cart-One, Italy:

Packaging Business Is People’s Business

Creativity, a change of perspective, interdisciplinary collaboration – customer centric innovation has long become much more than a purely technical topic. Against this background, Sada promotes diversity amongst its staff and is particularly committed to integrating women into its team. And it’s certainly reaping success. The workforce at our partner’s Salerno-based holding, which controls the company’s six production facilities, is now made up of more than 50 % women. They occupy positions in a wide range of areas, including executive management. This development was not only made possible through the provision of part-time work models, but also the excellent reputation of the company throughout the region.

In addition to this, Sada already has its eyes on the next generation of specialists and managers. Just recently, the University of Salerno established the country’s first Master of Packaging. Every year, Cart-One offers one student a scholarship for a six-month in-house training programme, which is currently being undertaken by a young woman studying chemical engineering. Alongside some colleagues, one of the teachers includes Valentina Sada, daughter of the company’s founder and Head of Research and Development and Marketing.

However, Sada doesn’t just open up perspectives for academics. As part of the “Educational Tour” summer programme for the children of production staff, five children every year are given the opportunity to accompany their parents to work for one month. For Roberta De Vivo, now 28 years old, the experience was a huge opportunity. Her superiors were so impressed by her talent that she went on to complete an apprenticeship at Sada. Today, she is the youngest employee in the technical department and is responsible, among other things, for the paint systems used in production. It’s a success story that Valentina Sada is particularly pleased about. After all, the business graduate is well-experienced in breaking new ground in a traditional environment herself. Amongst other feats, she completely redesigned the company’s marketing, since this area had long been neglected in the B2B sector. As the president of the marketing commission for the Italian Group of Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers (GIFCO), she is also involved in close collaboration with the Legambiente environmental association. Through this, Sada aims to encourage other women – whilst simultaneously promoting her industry. ‘For anyone who wants to develop further, the sky is the limit here.’

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