We Protect Our Environment

As a manufacturer of ecological products, systematic energy and environmental management is part of our company’s DNA – and a firm component of all our processes. We make continuous investments in innovative technologies and systems in order to reduce emissions, wastewater and waste as much as possible. Our partners are certified in accordance with ISO 50001 (energy management), 140001 (environmental management) and BRC (hygiene management). You can find more information and specific application examples on the following pages.

The data in this area may be out of date. Our new sustainability report is here. Download it now.

Sustainable Water &
Energy Management


Less Emissions to
Water and Air

of Waste

Less Is More:

Reducing Carbon Emissions

By 2030, the EU aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 % (compared to 1990); as an international alliance, we are already making a significant contribution …

Preventing Waste:

Our Wastewater and Waste Management

As an alliance of companies with a sustainable business model, we align our operations to minimise the amount of waste products at every stage of the process. In our paper mills, for instance, we …

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