Safe & Innovative:

Transporting Delicate Items Safely

Shipping sensitive goods to their destination securely requires an innovative packaging approach that offers stability and maximum protection. Our alliance is specialised in developing customised corrugated cardboard packaging. Working in close cooperation, we create concepts that protect your goods. Even the most delicate. Sustainability naturally remaining a priority.  To ensure safety, we use robust load-bearing walls that guard fragile contents from being compromised. Another way to safeguard your product is to install internal fixings that prevent the product from slipping. As a result, damage to delicate goods is avoided. Even the rotation of the package is possible without any risk.

“The most fragile items can be safely transported, using specialised packaging solutions”

“The most climate-friendly and least expensive kilowatt hour is the one you don’t use.”

Case Klingele Paper & Packaging Group, Germany:

A Bicycle Box for Cowboy E-Bikes That Unites Sustainability and Innovation

An increasing number of businesses are discovering the potential of E-commerce. This includes manufacturers of fresh produce. The Pandemic being a driving force to expand their distribution channels. Our client krä offers organic herbs grown exclusively at their own garden nursery. In order for plants to arrive at their destination safe and sound, an innovative packaging solution is required. Stability and shipping security being the main concern.

Krä prides itself on working holistically organic. Hence, it was very important for these values to be reflected in the packaging of the plants.

The use of plastic being consequently not an option. A natural, environmentally responsible and tailor-made solution was needed.

What we created was a sleeve packaging made of corrugated cardboard. Purposeful cut-outs secure the pot, preventing the shifting of plants. Our special design further protects the plant from being crushed, even if the packaging is turned upside down or handled carelessly. Should orders be returned, the customer can reuse the packaging or dispose it in the paper waste bin. One way or another, it’s a solution that is 100 percent recyclable. As a result, we achieved an unboxing experience that the company’s sophisticated, quality-conscious customers can wholeheartedly identify with.

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