Sustainable & Customer-friendly:

Frustration Free Packaging

In an effort to reduce waste and practice responsibility, Amazon has launched a sustainable packaging initiative to avoid over-packaging and prevent product damage.

In order to be eligible to the programme and qualify as FFP there are requirements to be met. Frustration Free Packaging solutions have to be easy to open, use minimal packaging materials and consist of curbsite recyclable materials. No overbox or prep by amazon should be necessary. Furthermore, vendors have to use protective packaging.

“We create packaging that reduces costs and waste, ready to ship with Amazon”

“The most climate-friendly and least expensive kilowatt hour is the one you don’t use.”

Case Blue Box Partners:

Sustainable Packaging Solutions Ready to Ship with Amazon

Amazon is the largest E-commerce retailer in the world. As a result, a lot of packaging materials accumulate through shipments placed on the platform. That is why the FFP programme is an important step towards improvement. Vendors that adopt the “Frustration Free Packaging” approach simultaneously enhance their companies overall profitability and ecological footprint. The objective is to develop sustainable, custom-fit packaging solutions. Operating in an eco-friendly way and cutting the costs of supply chains.

With our help, suppliers achieve these requirements effortlessly. Ultimately, creating a better user experience. Ready to dispatch at any Amazon Fulfillment Center.


Significant improvements in sustainability have been achieved on account of the FFP programme. In 2017 alone, total Amazon packaging waste was reduced by 16%. These figures represent 305 million shipping boxes saved. The equivalent of 516 million boxes were spared the following year.

These aspirations go hand in hand with the core values of our alliance. Being an Amazon certified partner, we are dedicated to assist vendors who sell on Amazon to ship their goods “frustration free”. In addition to enhanced company sustainability, using frustration-free packaging improves the seller’s ranking on Amazon. Subsequently, conversion rates improve. Costs that arise if packaging solutions are not certified are successfully avoided.

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